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EZIA Coach is an easy-to-use system for personal trainers who want a faster and more efficient way to track and manage their workout programs and boost client loyalty.


Build and manage workout programs!

Exercise library included AND build your own.

Manage clients, classes and schedules!

Track and analyze individual progress, goals and biometrics.

Brand your website and programs online!

Access programs anywhere, share clients on their programs when traveling

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All devices, all the time.

Say goodbye to pen and paper or excel programming! EZIA Coach is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

Access with any device

Supports Android and Apple devices, use from computer, tablet or phone.

Lighting fast platform

Every client program detail at your fingertips in seconds.

Maximum security

Your are fully in control, share clients on programs as needed.
EZIA Coach Personal Training Software

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Software features

Online Training Sessions

Group Training Sign-Up

Administrator Dashboards

Online Training Sessions

Unlimited Clients

Custom Branding

Custom Exercise Library

Custom URL

  • The online schedule and group training features make it easy for me to market and promote classes, and for my customers to sign up. This was really time consuming for me to do before I got EZIA coach. Now my classes are always filled in advance!.”

    Melissa Mason
    Melissa Mason Group Trainer
  • I have clients all over town, traveling to them can be very tiring for me. Now everything runs smooth and my clients always get what they need from me, even if I can't be with them thanks to the EZIA Coach digital training features. Now I sell workouts online while I sleep :)

    Rob Stuberick
    Rob Stuberick Personal Trainer
  • I have been a trainer all my life and was tired of writing programs on paper or excel, and having a mess to deal with afterwards. With EZIA Coach my programs, goal setting and progress tracking are all automated which makes my life much easier and my clients a lot happier!

    Janine Tompson
    Janine Tompson Personal Trainer